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is a wholesale company of organic food
and eco products
We offer our products to everyone who wants to include healthy grocery products and other eco-friendly products in their assortment

Baltic.BIO's is a wholesaler of organic products.
Baltic.BIO offers a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, sweets, snacks, drinks,
other groceries, household chemicals, and hygiene products.
Our assortment includes more than 800 different products.
All products are 100% organic, certified by international certificates, and comply with EU regulations.
Every week we provide fresh fruits and vegetables from the largest producers of organic products from Spain and France.
Currently, Baltic.BIO is one of the leading wholesalers of organic products in the Latvian market.
Cooperation partners include the largest organic product stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels.
We also supply organic products to kindergartens, schools, and manufacturing companies.
In the "Brands" section, you can get acquainted with the product brands
for which we are distributors in Latvia.
Baltic.BIO - 100% guarantee, product quality, high level of service, and convenient shopping!
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